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Welcome to the BigBuck Facebook Advertising Mastery course. You will be enlightened with the Principles of Facebook Advertising and learn how to scale e-commerce businesses beyond 7 figures profitably. Join the group https://www.facebook.com/groups/bigbucksdigitalcoach I, Muhammad Huzaifa, your instructor, have scaled multiple brands to 7-Figures profitably. I have recently founded BigBucks digital coach, an organization that aims to teach digital skills to enable everyone to earn digital bucks. Starting with Facebook Ads, I have covered every aspect of Facebook advertising in great detail in this 17+ hours of training. The course is 'Gold'. It is the product of extensive knowledge and my years of experience! I congratulate you all on finding this treasure. You can find the comprehensive syllabus below. The good news is that Facebook Advertising is the most demanded and high-paying skill of 2021, and this course will teach you everything you need to know to become a Facebook Ads specialist. After this course, you can: ✔️ Start and grow your business ✔️ Set up Micro Agency and earn from multiple clients ✔️ Boost your professional or freelancing career. Who this course is for? ✅ Business owners ✅ Freelancers ✅ Dropshippers ✅ Marketing professionals ✅ Online marketers ✅ Agency Owners ✅ ANYONE looking to MASTER Facebook Ads! ✅ ANYONE interested in building 7-Figure e-commerce brands TAKE A STEP IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION WITH YOUR LIFE AND BUSINESS. START YOUR JOURNEY TOWARD A BRIGHT, HAPPY, AND HEALTHY FUTURE.

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Getting to know Facebook as a marketing platform.

  • Must listen for video clarity.mp4 55sec
  • Introduction to the course.mp4 3min 47sec
  • Introduction to Facebook Advertising.mp4 33min 21sec
  • Understanding Facebook Algorithm.mp4 13min 28sec

In this section you will learn: ✔️ Fundamental of Desire Creation ✔️ Facebook Ads structure, Ad components, and type of Ad formats ✔️ Best practices for Image Ads, Video Ads, Ad copies, and Headlines ✔️ How to create an evergreen Video Ad ✔️ Elements of persuasion to use in Ads ✔️ Different structures/templates of Ad copies. Crafting Ad copies according to the customer journey ✔️ Understanding Facebook Ad policies, Ad diagnostics, and how to conduct Ads research correctly. ✔️ Craft product display page the right way

  • Comprehensive guide to creating Facebook Ads.mp4 1hr 11min
  • Facebook Ads Research.mp4 20min 36sec
  • Facebook ads relevance diagnostics.mp4 8min 37sec
  • Facebook Ad policies.mp4 19min 30sec
  • Discussing Great Ads.mp4 33min 57sec
  • Importance of good product display page.mp4 11min 28sec

Learn all the important steps to create an optimized Facebook page

  • Facebook Page Creation, SEO and its Optimization.mp4 44min 50sec
  • Creating Facebook post and story.mp4 9min 47sec

This is the very first step that we take before starting our advertising journey. The business manager is the bank for all your advertising assets.

  • Setup business manager Account.mp4 6min 35sec
  • Add page and Ad account to your BM.mp4 9min 17sec
  • Billing setup.mp4 4min 36sec
  • Business Manager Overview.mp4 19min 21sec
  • BM - How to add employees.mp4 8min 25sec
  • BM - Employees P2.mp4 2min 3sec
  • BM - How to get access to client's assets.mp4 5min 4sec

Learn how to set up Facebook pixel in your Shopify store, create catalogs and Facebook Shop

  • Facebook pixel & its benefits.mp4 11min 12sec
  • Install Facebook pixel to shopify.mp4 9min 28sec
  • Setting up commerce account and catalog.mp4 2min 55sec
  • Connect Catalog and Pixel.mp4 2min 26sec
  • Facebook Shop.mp4 1min 40sec

After the IOS update, Facebook introduced certain mandatory actions that we need to take inside the business manager to make sure we are able to track significant data.

  • Understanding affects of IOS update.mp4 7min 55sec
  • Domain Verification.mp4 8min 32sec
  • Setup aggregated events.mp4 9min 16sec
  • How to create google analytics account.mp4 4min 40sec
  • Install Google analytics into Shopify.mp4 5min 56sec

Every single aspect is covered in great detail, you just name it! How to name campaigns, creating ads using every objective, understanding budgeting, audience segmentation, detailed targeting, bidding, attribution settings, and every minute detail before publishing the ad is covered. Be prepared, you are going to dive into the sea of knowledge!

  • How to name campaign, adset and ad.mp4 5min 21sec
  • Learning every feature inside campaign and adset using conversion objective + Detailed discussion on how to find right audiences/interests to target .mp4 1hr 8min
  • Exploring ad level.mp4 22min 0sec
  • Re-discussing detailed targeting and competitor interests.mp4 9min 37sec
  • Find 100s of hidden and less competitive interests- Replacement for audience insights.mp4 6min 55sec
  • Attribution setting that I use.mp4 1min 21sec
  • ABO VS CBO and when to use.mp4 11min 3sec
  • Discussion on objectives and Facebook Algorithm.mp4 17min 55sec
  • Creating Ads using Brand awareness, reach, traffic & engagement.mp4 28min 20sec
  • Creating Ad using Message objective.mp4 10min 23sec
  • Creating Ad using lead generation objective.mp4 23min 40sec
  • Duplicate campaign & adset the right way.mp4 17min 31sec
  • Duplicate Ads the right way.mp4 15min 15sec
  • Dynamic creative.mp4 12min 35sec
  • Automated rules.mp4 17min 30sec
  • Creating Catalog Sales Ads.mp4 24min 27sec

Understanding how to create, when to use, and how to maximize the potential of custom and lookalike audiences.

  • How to create and use Custom audiences.mp4 28min 57sec
  • How to create, when to create and how to use Lookalike audiences for best results.mp4 10min 47sec
  • Value based Lookalike audiences.mp4 4min 22sec

You will learn the BigBuck Profit Strategy that can be easily applied to any business and make profits. I have made scaling easy and profitable! You will learn many other supporting strategies. Learn how to structure Ad account and scale e-commerce businesses from scratch. You will learn how to hack the Facebook algorithm for consistent and profitable purchases.

  • Facebook ads strategy overview.mp4 5min 39sec
  • Pixel warmup.mp4 4min 30sec
  • Pixel warmup part 2.mp4 1min 35sec
  • Calculating Breakeven ROAS.mp4 4min 46sec
  • BigBuck Profit Strategy-TOFU-P1.mp4 1hr 4min
  • BigBuck Profit strategy-MOFU & BOFU-P2.mp4 25min 26sec
  • (2) BOF-BigBuck Profit Strategy.mp4 7min 47sec
  • BigBuck Profit Strategy-LAL Scaling and Testing-P3.mp4 27min 50sec
  • BigBuck Profit Strategy-Retention-P4.mp4 10min 23sec
  • BigBuck Profit Strategy-Questions, Answers & tips-P5.mp4 11min 43sec
  • Conclusion - BigBuck and other Facebook Ads Strategies.mp4 5min 42sec
  • Relationship b/w Retargeting, Web visitors' Footprints and Personalized Ads.mp4 9min 1sec
  • Facebook Ads algorithm hack to maximise profits! Desire creation, influential/trigger points, search terms and Post Ids.mp4 19min 12sec
  • One in a million campaign strategy.mp4 9min 5sec
  • Get Quality traffic strategy.mp4 5min 17sec
  • Bully Strategy.mp4 9min 35sec
  • Multiple folds strategy.mp4 6min 56sec
  • Quick bucks strategy.mp4 11min 17sec
  • Surfing Strategy.mp4 8min 58sec
  • Dynamic Creative Ads Strategy.mp4 5min 27sec
  • More Strategies, tricks and tips.mp4 1min 45sec

Learn how to study data, analyze it and make informed decisions.

  • Data Analysis and Optimization.mp4 53min 5sec

Get your ad accounts reinstated and protect them.

  • 63. Protect Ad Account.mp4 7min 25sec
  • 64. Reinstate Ad account.mp4 7min 53sec

Concluding the course

  • Closing note.mp4 2min 7sec
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Muhammad Huzaifa

Digital Marketing

Muhammad Huzaifa is a seasoned Facebook advertising specialist based in Karachi, Pakistan. He has scaled multiple brands to 7 figures globally. Huzaifa has recently founded BigBucks digital coach, an organization that aims to teach digital skills to enable everyone to earn digital bucks. Right now, he is actively involved in helping people grow their businesses digitally, set up micro agencies, or start their freelancing careers. Huzaifa is looking forward to building a strongly knitted community that shares the same vision of helping individuals grow financially.


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    This course is worth every single penny. It literally is a goldmine. Before this course, I had purchased 2 to 3 courses from Udemy and also explored different youtube channels for FB ads as well. But believe this course is 100x better than any course out there.

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    My first and also an amazing experience. Highly recommended for beginners if you want to be a Pro Facebook advertiser.

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    great course, great strategies, 100% worth buying.

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    One Of the Best FB Marketing specialists E-commerce Course in very reasonable price. We pay thousands of rupees for degree but not happy to give only 5k and learn complete practical skill and lifetime access. I Agree they add alot values and its pure gold mine not raw gold mine. Please invest on yourself & Allah bless you Huzaifa Bahai❤️

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    the best training ever. That was really a gold mine course.1000/1000.One of the best investment in my life

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    No matter if you want to run ads for your own business or you are doing SMM for clients, this course will give you super clarity of Facebook marketing, you will get comprehensive guidance from the Facebook page set up to Fb business manager advance settings. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! P.S: I would request if Huzaifa bhai can add a few more case studies and the approach how he onboards his clients ( as a Super Bonus) :-)

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    Mashaa Allah Highly recommended. Allah Bless You Brother.

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    Perfectly taught the Course by Huzaifa. This was the only practical course I could find out out of many platforms. Thank you so much I feel very confident now that finally, I have the right knowledge about FB ads

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    Amazing course. Highly recommended!

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